The Best 34 Ways to Make Extra Money Online or from Home

Having some extra cash in your pocket is a blessing, especially if there is an emergency. But, what if you are a stay-home with small kids? Or if you have already had a job and need something to add to your bank account? With the magic of the internet, working from home or from wherever you are is possible now.

How to Make Extra Money Online or From Home

Find out 34 ways to make money without leaving your house on the following page.

1. Online Tutorial

Being a tutor doesn't mean that you have to attend your class physically. As long as you have the skill, knowledge, and internet connection, you can give the tutorial and earn money from it.

2. User Experience Tester

If you are good at analyzing a website to find whether it is user-friendly or not simply by scanning the page in a few minutes, then this job is perfect for you. A user experience tester now can earn $10 if can complete a 20-minute test conducted by companies like TryMyUI or UserTesting.

3. Join Surveys

Companies like Survey Junkie and MyPoints used to pay people just to join the surveys they conduct. You will also get paid by these companies just for giving your opinion. Just make sure that you complete a certain number of surveys. This will allow you to cash out your points.

4. Enjoy Cash Back from Mobile Apps

You can also use your smartphone to make money by doing simple things. All you need to do is just take your phone and then scan your receipt. This will get you some extra money with little work.

5. English Tutor

This will be a perfect option to take especially if English is your first language or you have a background in English education. Some companies such as VIPKid even will provide lesson plans for you. All you need to do is just teach.

6. Use Your Creative Skills

If you have creative skills, don't hesitate to use them to make extra cash. You can join a company to do awesome work during your spare time. Just create your profile online to attract potential employers.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

Doing a job from home as a virtual assistant is getting popular today. As a virtual assistant, your job is to help your clients find a balance between their personal life and work.

8. Become an Influencer

If you have a lot of followers on your social media platforms, consider to an influencer. You can reach out to companies to post their brands and products on your social media. The companies can promote their products through your accounts and you'll get paid because of this.

9. Social Media Manager

Social media managers can be valuable assistants, especially for smaller companies with only a few team members. If you are organized with different social media channels and easily connect with others, this job might be perfect for you.

10. Use Your Photos to Get Money

If photography is your passion, you can also use the photos you created to make money. Even if you are just an amateur, companies like Foap will still pay you $10 for each photo they like and approve.

11. Become Uber Driver

Well, this can't be done if you are just staying at home. But at least, you can still get the order from wherever you are online. This will also allow you to work on your schedule.

12. Food Delivery Driver

Just like a Uber driver, you will also rely a lot on your internet connection. In the pandemic era where you can't dine in at restaurants, this job is very much needed.

13. Join a Focus Group

Joining an online focus group is one of 34 ways to make money easily. All you need to do is just try out different products or conduct taste tests. Then share your opinion about it to get paid.

14. Deliver Groceries

Shopping while earning money? Why not? You can join some companies like Shipt to deliver groceries to customers based on-demand service. Then, you'll get paid for that.

15. Babysitting

If you like children, you can consider babysitting to earn more cash. You can offer your service to family or friends. If it doesn't work, you can join companies like or Sittercity that specialize in helping people to find babysitting jobs.

16. Pet Sitting

If you like being around animals, you can turn your hobby into money. You can offer services to board a cat over the weekend or take a dog for a walk through your social media or websites such as Rover.

17. Advertise on Your Vehicle

You can earn passive income by using your car to advertise certain products or services. Apps like Wrapify will give you money if you wrap your car for advertisement. The more you drive, the more you will get.

18. Do Running Errands for People

You can earn money by doing tasks for people. From putting together furniture to yardwork, companies like TaskRabbit will pay you for that job.

19. Amazon Delivery

Delivering for Amazon can be your choice of a part-time job. All you need to do is just sign up with Amazon Flex. Then, you can set up your schedule and decide how much you want to work.

20. Providing Driving Package

If you commute to work, you can use this opportunity to make extra cash. This can be done by offering a driving package like taking kids to school etc along your route.

21. Freelance Photographer

All you need is a camera and a good eye. On the weekends when you are off duty, you can use this spare time to offer services as a wedding photographer, shoot family sessions, etc to make money.

22. Take Up Car Wash

If you have a car, you might already have the tools needed to wash it. Why not use these tools further to make money? Yap, you can start a part-time job as a car washer.

23. Financial Coach

If you know about finance and the skill to manage it, you can try a job as a financial coach in your spare time. You can even offer your service online.

24. Become a Blogger

Do you have a passion for something like fashion or food? Consider starting a blog about your hobby and earn extra cash from it.

25. Start Online Business

There are many online platforms like Amazon and Etsy where you can market your products. This will be a perfect way to start your own online business.

26. Rent Your Home

Having a large house with several rooms unoccupied can be a source of passive income. You can rent out these rooms on Airbnb to get some money.

27. Rent Out Your Vehicle

Instead of letting your car sit in your garbage for a long time, try to rent it out to earn some money. Just sign in to some companies like Turo to help you find clients.

28. Sell Old Phone

Do you want to upgrade your phone but lack cash? Well, you can sell your old phone and use the money to buy the new one.

29. Sell Old Movies and Music

Companies like Decluttr will buy your old DVD and CDs. All you need is to scan the barcodes and then get the money from the company.

30. Rent Out Your Baby Gear

Once your babies get older, you might not need the items you use to take care of them. You can rent out their jumper, high chair, and other baby items through websites like BabyQuip to earn extra cash.

31. Sell Old Stuff

Old stuff that you no longer use can be another source of income. Sell them through websites like eBay, Craigslist, or VarageSale to get money easier.

32. Sell Your Children's Clothes

Instead of keeping old clothes of your kids in your closet, you better sell them to get some money. You can use the cash earned to buy some new clothes for your children.

33. Sell Old Gift Cards

Selling old and unused gift cards can provide you with some extra cash. Go to websites like Rise and offer your old gift cards to keen collectors there.

34. Rent Your Belongings

If there is no limit on what you want to rent or sell to get more cash, just sign in to companies like FatLlama. This company will let you rent anything in your possession to get money.